Never to be forgotten
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Never to be forgotten


A video by children from Group 8 of the Public Elementary School De Kinkerhoek, Amsterdam, in the context of the culture education project "Collection of a primary school".

Part 3 of the series “Collections from an Elementary School”

One of the most important things for Group 8 is saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to a long and important period in which much has happened. “Never to be forgotten” is the title of a video made by students from Group 8 (average age 12 years), in which they recall an event “never to be forgotten” that occurred during their time at the elementary school.

For example, Nikki remembers that when she caught her feet between the spokes of a bicycle, she had to wear a cast for a while and couldn’t walk. The teacher pulled her through the school in a wagon as if she were a toddler.
Wanne remembers that when he was in the first grade he was squirted with a water-camera, because the teacher thought he was the only one who could handle that. But that turned out not to be the case - he was terrified of water and he started running out of the school building.
Neslihan remembers her first speech about shells, which went horribly wrong, and over which she still has to laugh.
The film is constructed of 24 portraits of the students recounting their memories, combined with images filmed by the students themselves to illustrate their stories.