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in the garden

For 35 years I have been maintaining a garden on the WG site in Oud West Amsterdam. It started in 1985 after I moved into my studio there. I looked out on the remains of the foundations of the demolished barracks of the former hospital Wilhelmina Gasthuis. The white sand blew through the cracks and open windows. One day I made a plan with my lover for the construction of the garden. My biggest wish was a pond with a water lily. It came and is still there. To create the garden I ordered a few cubic meters of garden soil and moved it from the street to the garden with a wheelbarrow. We collected plants from gardens of friends and family and sowed grass. It became a small paradise that we, the neighbors and passers-by still enjoy. Every day when I work in the garden, people stop for a chat and express their admiration. A work of art that I enjoy working on every day.