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"Topographic Carte de Visite" they are called, small handmade photos of popular attractions, were sold by the new professional photographers to the first tourists as souvenirs.
A box filled with these old photos from the 19th century, collected by my great-grandmother, came to me after enduring two World Wars and became the starting point for this film.

 A 'road movie' along old railways and stagecoach routes, sailing on rivers and lakes, walking along natural phenomena and through cities in Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic), back to the places my great-grandmother visited and where the photographs were made. A journey imposed on me from the outside, which I would not have chosen directly if I had not inherited the photos. A collection of an ancestor, in which the genealogical line is extended in time next to a geological line in space. Or as British anthropologist Tim Ingold puts it: 'Retracing the lines of past lives is the way we proceed along our own.'

It is the small, still, monochrome images, called ‘PHOTOGRAFIEN’ by my great-grandmother that determine the rout. A 'kaleidoscopic exploration' through prosperous countries in Europe, with now still open borders. Who knows how long and what the future will bring for Europe.



language: Dutch and German/English subtitled
running time: 96 minutes
première: 2024
director: BarBara Hanlo
scenario: BarBara Hanlo
camera: BarBara Hanlo
editor: BarBara Hanlo
sound: BarBara Hanlo
production: PEP Purple Earth Productions
co production: Lex van Nes
distributie: Distributie - Stichting Starting From Scratch: Peter van Hoof petervanhoof33@gmail.com