I have a bicycle
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I have a bicycle


Idea and design: BarBara Hanlo and Elsbeth Horneman
Painted after real-life models by Aldo through to Zaheer from Group 1/2 of the Public Elementary School De Kinkerhoek, Amsterdam.
Year of production: 1998
Copies: 500
Printing: two colours
Format: 16x23cm
ISBN: 90-804420-1-1
Language: Dutch
series: Part 1 of the series “Collections from an Elementary School”


‘I have a bicycle’ is about the observations of children between the ages of four and six, about the strength of their creative ability. It is accompanied by a transcribed dialogue between us, visual artists, as we look at the paintings:

He has already painted his first motor-scooter.
A sort of Puch.
There aren’t any more details.
They are camouflaged.

What’s great is that the front and the back are not attached.
It must be connected by the cyclist.
On each wheel is a pedal.
The handlebars are on the front wheel.
The saddle on the back wheel.
An Arabic bicycle, with all these decorations in the wheel instead of spokes.