Compositions of light
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Compositions of light

In "Compositions of light" I have tried to capture the light and convert it into color. I used colored cut-out cardboard crosses that were quickly rotated with a motor against a colored background. The movement mixed the colors, the cross and its background, with the reflection of the light. I first captured this on small Polaroids, where the image captured by the camera is converted into a ready-made photo in a few minutes using dyes. Negatives were then made of that recording, which could be printed in large format. With the idea to make the blending colors more visible, making the images more spacious. And strong association would evoke the micro and macrocosms emerging from the light.

You could say that the exalted structures and similarities of the microcosm and macrocosm are the motive for this work. Whether it is about the birth of a star, the germination of the human fruit or the seed of a plant, each phenomenon has its own importance in principle, but is not inferior to the other. In fact, they are all closely linked.

When I first showed the series, I was touched by the reactions that the series caused without having to explain anything about it, they were described as: planets, the origin of a fetus, or the iris of an eye.