Coloured Black and White
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Coloured Black and White

Coloring black and white photos

The (English) booklet Colored Black and White by BarBara hanlo is both an artist's book and an artist's manual.
BarBara Hanlo is a photographer and takes black and white photos that she colors through chemical processes. A few years ago, she told KM about the research and experiments she did with regard to the chemical coloring of black and white photos. Old recipes for recoloring photos were no longer useful for the changes in the composition of the photographic material. Through her own research and experiments, Hanlo discovered new recipes that a professional photographer can work well with. "In my work there is always an interaction between the technical aspects and the content, she said in 1991. Today it appears from her book Colored black and white that she has continued this line. In addition to a "working guide" (manual), which contains many recipes for coloring, the book also contains stories, personally tinted observations and texts with black and white images. It includes printed black and white images and (pasted) uncoloured black and white photos.


Idea, photography and text: BarBara Hanlo
design: Anno Fekkes
Year of production: 1996
Copies: 500
Printing: Black and white with 4 original coloured prints
Format: 10x15cm
ISBN: 90-9009700-7
Language: English
project grant: Fund for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam