A wind rose
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A wind rose


International experimental episode film based on the book by William T. Volmann. Nine contributions in all the colours of the rainbow.

Episode film based on Rainbow Stories by William T. Volmann, for which the Dutch producer Studio One invited nine film-makers of different nationalities to contribute ten minutes shot in black & & white and then coloured. With Isis and Osiris shot in the halls, catacombs and squares of the Louvre, Janneque Draisma quietly adds a new dance film to her oeuvre. Holding a Super8-camera BarBara Hanlo follows in the footsteps of the early days of video with A Wind Rose... utilising all the opportunities that chemistry offers her on the emulsion. In Beyond the Blue Grain, a very frugal film, Tina Keane attempts a dialogue between the coarse and chance grain of Super8 material and the rapid, colourless and rich grain of video snow. Harald Busch built a complicated platform for his camera for Taking Place and sucked the spectator into the picture in a series of slow pans. Alessandro Aiello's Mal d'Africa is a short and absurd fairy-tale about a scientist who listens to the voices of the satyrs on a desert island. In a very personal style Nina Danino in untitled tells a story of religion, perception, rituals and the female role. In Damon Barr/Marie Anne Ferral's Visitations, pictures of decay, fire, violence and sex are supported by a turbulent editing and increasingly compelling beat. In Marc Geerard's Don't Move cleverly photographed macro shots alternate with a long sequence of stills reminiscent of Chris. Markers La Jetée. Finally Bavo Defurne's Saint is an almost shameless homo-erotic epigone in the style of Riefenstahl and Pasolini.

Catalog IFFR

language: English
running time: 9 minuten
premiere: International Filmfestival Rotterdam 1997
regie: BarBara Hanlo
scenario: BarBara Hanlo
production: Studio één en PEP
sales: PEP/Eye Filmmuseum Amsterdam
camera: BarBara Hanlo
editor: Susan IJzermans
sound: BarBara Hanlo
performance: Anet van de Elzen
festivals and screenings: International Filmfestival Rotterdam, The netherlands 1997 / Dutch Film Festival Utrecht, The netherlands 1999 / several filmfestivals in Europe / Broadcast Kunstkanaal The Netherlands 2000