7 Rooms
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7 Rooms

An Instalatie, a film, a performance in collaboration with Geerten TenBosch

Inspired by 'Die sieben Todsünden' (1933) Bertol Brecht and Kurt Weill and Jheronimus Bosch 'painting' Seven Deadly Sins' 1500-1525

Vanity, pride, anger, gluttony, lust, greed, jealousy

Are they sins, are they attributes, is it character?

What do we do when there are no more guidelines, with which eyes do we look at ourselves, how great is our fear of freedom and what is it: imagination?

Seven rooms and each room represents a mortal sin. The spaces that can also move on location are made by us and adapted with Jeroen Bosch's rich imagination as inspiration. Each space will have a completely individual atmosphere that we believe has to do with sin (interpreted broadly).

In each room a performance is performed that is partly improvised and uses / makes use of the furnishings and accessories that are available.